There are 3 macro nutrients our bodies need. It's our how bodies acquire energy. Our bodies don't make this, so we must get them from food.
i) Carbohydrates ii) fats iii) proteins

let's start with CARBOHYDRATES:
Is an umbrella terms that encompasses, sugar, fruits, vegetables, fibers and legumes.
There are two types of carbs, and these determine how quickly our body breaks down food and uses energy:
i) Simple carbs and ii) Complex carbs 

SIMPLE carbs are found in foods like : fruit juice, milk, candy, soda, syrups, chocolate chip cookies. These quickly break down and gets absorbed by our bodies, which leads to a 'sugar rush' and lows. Like when your kid eats too much birthday cake, runs around like a maniac and then passes out ? that is the effect of a simple carb! 

----> too much & too often of these guys, leads to overweight and diabetes 

COMPLEX cars are found in foods like: beans, lentils, peanuts, potato, whole wheat, apples, broccoli, spinach, unrefined whole grains, brown rice.
Our body breaks these down slower so energy is released slower and is sustained for a longer period. ie. You stay full longer and your kid won't keep bugging you for snacks 100 times a day.

YES!!! VEGETABLES ARE CARBOHYDRATES. so if you're eating meat and vegetables for dinner, don't say "no carb diet" that's B.S!
unless you're only eating meats and fats. Then, yes, it's a no carb diet.


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