"6 to 12 months
a critical time
to introduce
variety of
fruits and vegetables
to children"


Nom Nom ABC isn't JUST a children's alphabet book about fruits and veggies.

It's the dream of a world filled with

Healthier, happier children

This book was created with the purpose of helping kids form a love towards fruits and veggies from a young age.

Familiarity breeds fondness,

and because

your kid deserves a healthy start.

Let's get kids excited about eating their fruits and vegetables
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from "yuck" --> to "what is that?" --> to "yummm"


"Started reading this to my newborn ... received it as a gift from my baby shower ... she absolutely loved it! At this stage she appreciates the colour, the exotic fruits and turning the page of this very unique ABC book!! 🥰 well done!! ~ mom of a 11 month old baby"


“Fruits and vegetables are cute and cuddly in this fun and colourful book. This book is perfect for both the picky and the adventurous eater, and is sure to be loved in every home.”

~ Dr. Harishini Sriskanda, Pediatrician

"I really enjoyed that there was a mix of simple words like F-Fig, mixed with more complex words like X-Xigua, which really would help my daughter practice enunciation. 

An added bonus- it looks beautiful on the bookshelf! "

Anika S.