Nom Nom ABC is a fun and vibrant children's 8X8" board book that teaches the alphabet using fruits and vegetables.

With every book you buy, you join us in providing one meal for a child from an at-risk community.



We fear the things that are unknown to us!

By exposing children to cutely animated photographs of real fruits and vegetables (like an ube or jackfruit) they will form curiosity, identify them in the real world, and be more inclined to try it.

Moreover, with the rising rates of childhood obesity, fruits and vegetables need a fighting chance against mass-marketed fries and cola.


Lettuce help change the way kids eat, one alphabet at a time. 

Buy this book for that special little person in your life!


juicy words from early readers

  • “The eternal struggle of every parent- getting your kids to eat! The vibrant and happy illustrations in Nom Nom ABCs helps us teach our baby that food is our friend and also practice their letters at the same time. I think it would bring acceptance of foods that are a hard sell for picky toddlers, like asparagus and eggplant, by making them look so cute! 

    I also really enjoyed that there was a mix of simple words like F-Fig, mixed with more complex words like X-Xigua, which really would help my daughter practice enunciation. 

    An added bonus- it looks beautiful on the bookshelf! “ 

    ~ Anika, mom to a healthy baby girl

  • “Fruits and vegetables are cute and cuddly in this fun and colourful book. This book is perfect for both the picky and the adventurous eater, and is sure to be loved in every home.”

    ~ Dr. Harishini Sriskanda, Pediatrician

  • “Teaching our students the importance of healthy eating, active bodies, positive mindsets, and critical decision making are all components of fostering a healthy school environment. Teaching this at a young age and embedding well-being in classroom activities and resources is essential for any educator. Nom Nom ABC links the alphabet with healthy eating to help children become familiar with healthy food choices and what they look like. Through her photography, Vipoositha uses real-life photographs of fruits and vegetables to have children at a young age create more meaningful connections as they begin to identify these healthy foods in their everyday lives.” 

    ~ Ms. Murali, Grade 7 Teacher

  • “I love reading with my daughter. I know this book Nom Nom ABC will be a delicious treat for us for to share. Vipoo is an incredible storyteller and she knows how to capture unique and rare aspects of the human condition through her lens. I can’t wait to see how this translates into her first book for babies and toddlers that focuses on having fun with different fruit. “  

    ~ Veronica Chail-Gupta, Journalist & Professor


What does the book look like?

The book is an 8" x 8" child-safe board book, with 26 pages of animated photographs of colorful fruits and vegetables for each letter of the alphabet.

Where can I buy this book?

Currently the book is sold exclusively on this site. We are currently working to get this into book stores, libraries and schools. Please contact us if you're interested in getting this book into those physical channels. 

Can I give this book as a gift?

 This book makes the best gift for a:
- baby shower
- nephew or niece
- a boss' new baby (you'll become their favorite)
- for your new baby, they love high contrast colors and images (my 3 month yr old girl lovesss this book! :)
- a picky eater

Where do you ship to?

Currently we only ship to Canada and United States. We are working on getting it to other countries.

However, if you have a special request, please contact us and we will try our best to fulfill it.

How is the book shipped?

Packages are shipped  domestically and internationally. International customers are responsible for any taxes or duties due by your country upon delivery.  Items are shipped within 1-3 days of purchase. You will receive a tracking # once item has been shipped out. 

What is your return policy?

At this point, we don't accept any returns. Please double check your order before submission or contact us before you purchase.

Once a package ships, errors in delivery address,  and packages that have been stolen or missing are the responsibility of the buyer. 

How can I support this great initiative?

1) Buy a book or 2 or more and gift it to your family and friends with kids!

2) Share the book on social media and don't forget to tag us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

3) Eat your fruit and veggies, and even better, do it in front of a little kid :)