Every kid deserves
a healthy head start


You're a parent who wants to give your kid the healthy head start they deserve.

Nom Nom ABC helps spark little ones curiosity to explore the world of fruits and vegetables

in fun, whimsical and colorful ways through the alphabets.


"Cutest thing is happening in my house right now. Aarnav goes to sleep with Nom Nom ABC, and wakes up with it. It actually has a spot next to him in bed lol. It goes everywhere he goes" ~Nila Haran

"omg she made me read your book 4 times in a row today! Then showed me grapes and made sounds for snack" ~Angelie S

"I really enjoyed that there was a mix of simple words like F-Fig, mixed with more complex words like X-Xigua, which really would help my daughter practice enunciation. 

An added bonus- it looks beautiful on the bookshelf! ~Anika.S