Eating in modern times: family edition

The keto diet
The Atkins diet
The south beach diet
The paleo diet
The Zone diet
The 5:2 diet
The air diet (okay I made this one up)
The water diet
The wtf am I supposed to eat diet?

Honestly, doesn’t reading this list make you dizzy? (that’s why the air diet is important ;).
It can seem so daunting thinking about what or how much, or when to eat! seriously though, when did eating become so stressful?

ANNND then when you have kids, sh*t just hits the fan, and this just get even more complicated!

baby-led weaning?
how do I make sure they don’t choke?
omg they aren’t pooping!!

it’s endless. I agree!

So let’s keep it as simple as possible.

I love this PLATE method introduced by Canada’s food guide.

Here’s the gist of what it’s saying:

1) Make half your plate fruits and veggies.

2) one quarter of the plate should be proteins

3) one quarter should be grains or starchy foods


Don’t be so hard on yourself, times are different. Chances are both parents are working and coming home tired...or tired at home dealing with kids. Either way, if 80% of the time you and your kids are eating a balanced diet, then the other 20% should be whatevs. You need that sanity check. So be nice to yourself while you try to be a good mom, dad, wife, husband, partner, employee, daughter, son etc.

Here is an example of how I cook for my family, including my one year old daughter (Kira) using the plate method.  

I've been experimenting with Kira's food, and introducing it in different ways so she enjoys, and actually finishes her meals (mostly). Stay tuned, i'll be sharing tips and ideas to help you (parent) make meal time easier and nutritious for everyone, in one go! 

Plate method example

 Let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything you'd be interested in learning more about! 

Happy Munching


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